Vineet Ranjan

Vineet Ranjan

I'm a Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student who thrives to learn new technologies and work on them. I love to work on Front-end and Backend Web Development.

Web Development

⭐ Creating Web application's backend on NodeJS Express.
⭐ Frontend Responsive Webpages developemnt with Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS.
⭐ Creating and deploying RESTful API.
⭐ Designing Landing pages with Figma and Webflow.

Cloud Computing

⭐ Hosting and maintaining Static Websites on Amazon Web Services.
⭐ Creating and maintaining database, CDN and storages for applications on Cloud.
⭐ Deploying the applications on the cloud with minimizing the cost.
⭐ Running Deep Learning models on AWS and GCP.
⭐ Deploying serveless architecture based applications on AWS and GCP.
⭐ GCP Badges Earned on Qwiklabs

Electronics & Robotics

⭐ Printed Circuit Board Design using Autodesk Eagle.
⭐ Familiar with the Raspeberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano and ESP series.
⭐ LoRa and LoRaWAN technology with TheThingsNetwork.
⭐ Robot Operating System(ROS), SLAM, Moveit.